How To Save Time While Traveling

There always seems to be some kind of line when you're traveling whether it be waiting to check in at your airline or being shuttled through security. But there are some ways to skip the lines and get to your destination faster.

Print your boarding pass before your flight. By printing your boarding pass you can usually skip the whole process of checking in and all you have to do is drop off your bag. You won't have to worry about standing in the sometimes hour-long line and you can head for the most pleasant experience in the airport, security.

There's really no way to skip lines in security. You and the rest of your flight and the entire rest of the airport is waiting right there with you. What you can do is be prepared. If you're wearing shoes, have them off. Make sure to throw away all of your liquids like water bottles and juices. If you have a laptop, be carrying it so you can put it directly in the bin without making everyone else wait for you to wrestle it out. If you have a jacket on, take it off and have everything out of your pockets. It makes for a seamless experience for you and hopefully others will take note too.

If you're cruising, think about upgrading your room for a faster boarding time. Some cruise lines offer "VIP" lines for people who have upgraded their rooms and cruise lines like Carnival have an option to purchase a pass to skip the lines. If you really hate the pre-boarding lines, show up early.

Buy your attraction tickets before you go. By buying early, you're not having to stand in lines waiting to get into the latest museum or ride.

Although traveling presents you with lines of all kinds, take a few extra steps in your planning process to account for them and be prepared. It never hurts.

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